Disclaimer Notice & House Rules

Disclaimer Notice / Indemnity

  1. Guest/s attend this establishment at their own risk.
  2. Ridge House, the Proprietor, its agent/s and/or its employee/s (“the Proprietor”) shall not be liable for, and the guest/s hereby waive/s and abandon/s any claims of whatever nature including but not limited to that for theft, injury, loss or damage of whatever nature, against the Proprietor, whether arising from the Proprietor’s default, negligence or otherwise.
  3. The guest/s, in addition to the aforesaid, hereby indemnify the Proprietor against any claims which may arise from whatever nature, whether arising from the Proprietor’s default, negligence or otherwise.
  4. Any damage suffered by way of personal injuries of any nature and severity whatsoever sustained whilst at RIDGE HOUSE or whilst using any facilities, regardless of whether such injuries were caused by or resulted from gross negligence or a wrongful act of the owner and/or management and/or employees OR if the injuries were caused by malfunctioning of any apparatus and/or equipment and/or appliance, is hereby excluded and the owner and/or management and/or employees of RIDGE HOUSE is/are hereby expressly indemnified.
  5. The use of all equipment and facilities is at your own risk. The owner and/or management of RIDGE HOUSE, and/or anyone employed by the afore going persons and/or entities are hereby absolved of all and any responsibility relating to any injury, damage, illness or death whilst at RIDGE HOUSE and whilst on the premises and/or using any of the facilities.
  6. The said owner and/or management and/or employees are hereby indemnified against any loss or damage to the property and possessions including but not limited to data loss of a person whilst a guest a RIDGE HOUSE. Regardless of the cause of such loss or damage, including but not limited to gross negligence or any wrongful act of the aforementioned owner and/or management and/or employees

House Rules

RIDGE HOUSE or the owners do not accept any liability for loss of or damage to any valuables or property belonging to guests or their visitors. This includes but is not limited to, photographic equipment, laptops and data contained therein or other electronic devices, jewelry, cash and vehicles. Please note all rooms are fitted with a secure wall safe, it is expected that guest utilise these facilities. In the event you are unsure please ask a member of our staff.


It is the sole responsibility of all guests to ensure the safety and security of themselves and their belongings, as well as take out adequate insurance coverage on all valuable items and have the appropriate travel/business insurance to cover any circumstances that will prevent them from fulfilling these obligations. This should be done prior to arrival at RIDGE HOUSE.

Hot Tubs and Swimming Pool

Any guest or their visitors using the hot tubs, swimming pool and surrounding area are utilising such facilities entirely at their own risk and that they are fully aware that there are no life-saving facilities of any nature provided and therefore indemnify prior to arrival and the owners of this facility in full and shall have no claim of whatsoever nature against RIDGE HOUSE and the owners/employees including any claim from any injury/ bodily harm/death and or/loss of property which could arise from the use of this facility.

Loss or Damage to RIDGE HOUSE

Should RIDGE HOUSE suffer any loss or damage as a result of an act or omission by a guest or visitor of a guest, the guest will remain liable for full reimbursement of such loss or damage incurred and will be billed accordingly.

Right of Admission Reserved

RIDGE HOUSE at all times reserves the full right of admission and accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may result from the legal and reasonable exercising of such rights. Guests whom wish to bring other guests not registered to stay at the establishment are to consult our website for booking procedure.


For the comfort of our guests, RIDGE HOUSE is a strictly non- smoking accommodation establishment except for outside guest areas. In the event smoking is detecting fines equivalent to that of South African legislation will be applied.


Minors are the sole responsibility of the parents, guardian(s) or the person or persons in whose care they are whilst at RIDGE HOUSE or whilst using its facilities.